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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Locks walkway closing - Update

Removing gate in April
UPDATE. Today's scheduled walkway closing did not happen at the posted time. Mechanical issues force a postponement. It may happen today or tbd. Do check with available resources for more up to date info. Web links and a phone number can be found at the end of this post.

 For those who use the walkway to cross the canal please read the following notice taken from the Corps Facebook page. Be sure to check their page for further notices as more construction is planned for the summer.

Walkway closed for gate removal.
ATTENTION: We will be having a closure of the walkway adjacent to the spillway dam on MONDAY. That is THIS MONDAY JUNE 16 after 9AM. If you regularly commute through the locks be advised that you need to transit the walkway before 9AM. The closures could last several hours so DO NOT COUNT ON THE LOCKS FOR COMMUTING after 9AM. We will regularly post updates and let you know as soon as we can when the next closure will occur. If you plan on visiting the locks on Monday and want to view the salmon and tainter gate removal ONLY, park near Commodore Park in Magnolia. If you plan on visiting the locks and would rather spend your time viewing a tainter gate removal, boats and gardens then park on the Ballard side. Thank you for your patience, it's going to be quite the summer for construction!

Walkway closure times will be:

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