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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Lake Water Levels To Rise

The Army Corps of Engineers have announced the early raising of the Lake Washington water levels with the following message. The link below will lead to further information concerning the Corps' management of many of our waterways. Much more work than most of us are aware of and definitely a topic we will be learning much more about in the future.

"We are raising Lake Washington to the target summer elevation a couple weeks earlier than normal due to extremely low inflows to Lake Washington. The lake is currently at elevation 21.9 feet, which is typical for early May and consistent with normal annual operation. However, given the extreme low water supply situation, we intend to refill to an elevation of 22 feet in the next week or two instead of the June 1 date typically targeted. Vessel owners should closely monitor lake elevations and adjust mooring lines as necessary. Lake Washington’s status is available on the Reservoir Control Center website at "

Also worth keeping in mind is the Corps' Facebook site which will have many interesting photos as well as important announcements concerning closures, maintenance schedules and public events.

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