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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Where are these boats now?

On July 4, 1917 the Government Locks were officially opened and the event was marked by a great celebration highlighted by a parade of some 200 vessels led by the Roosevelt. Many local yacht clubs participated in the days festivities and some of the boats taking part in the display are still sailing, some in local waters. How many more are out there? Any information can be directed to:

The newspaper photo at right shows the Roosevelt as it travels along the ship canal followed by the other vessels. An early plane built by Bill Boeing is seen passing overhead to the delight and amazement of the crowds lining the grounds on either side of the canal.

Where are they now?

With the centennial of the Locks coming up in 2017, the Friends of the Ballard Locks is seeking information on the whereabouts or history of the boats taking part in that ship canal dedication parade in 1917.

photo from Bainbridge Island Historical Museum

The Honey Boy in its early days on left. The currently named Keewaydin, as it appears around Lake Union today below.

photo provided by owners Todd and Megan

The Glorybe is still around and has been lovingly restored. photo from

List of Queen City Yacht Club participants in the 1917 celebrations.

Find a list of known boats below the fold.
list of known boats participating on July 4, 1917

Alaskan Albatross Alene Alexandria
Alfa Alice Alice B Anna J
Anne II (or Anne H) Annie S Arrow Auklet
Badger Ben J. Bokola Bryan
Bukato Cisco Clara Coaster
Dick Dolphin Dora H E. J.
Eagle Edith H (or II) Eleanor Elme
Elsie Exhibitt Flamingo Floyd
Fortuna Francis Friendship Gale
Glorybe Golden Gate Golden West Gony
Grayling Gypsy Girl Happy Days Harriet H
Hattie Holly Honey Boy Hooshine
Huidamar (or Huldamar)
Hypatia Ida N Igloo Jack
Jewel Ketchling Klatawa La Viagara
Lady May Lucy D. Lydia Mas-Kee
Maud F Mist Monitor Myrtle
Nix (Trix sp?) No Name Orcas Peggy
Pep Phoenix Puget Rambler
Rhoda Grace Rikka R Roald Roosevelt
Rosita Roy S. Sand Piper Sanwan
Seward Sovereign Spear Spencer
Spray Stanley Sterling
Superior Sweetheart Swift Sure Swinomish
Taconite Tagatloff Tannis Tonka
Trio Uranus Vencedor Verdun
Viking Virginia Volanta Volunteer
Wa Wa Westfjord Whilhelmina Wireless
Zina Zips Zora


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