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Monday, May 16, 2022

Bowfin Submarine


Bowfin Submarine

We were recently asked about information on this submarine, which was used as a Navy training vessel on Lake Union from 1960 to 1971. Specifically we'd like to find some photos of it's arrival or departure from Seattle, and especially if anyone might have a photograph of it while in the Chittenden Locks. We did find some articles from the Seattle Times announcing it's arrival and then it's departure a decade later. Look below for the articles. The first of which announced the arrival and expected time that it would be at the lock the following day. Surely lots of locals made the trip to see it and could share their memory of the day and hopefully a photo taken of the event.

The submarine Bowfin arrives in Seattle in May 1960

The Bowfin being towed to Bremerton in 1971

If you have any info to share about the Bowfin, please contact us.

The first photograph is in the Mohai collection and a copy of it was acquired by the Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum in Hawaii.


  1. I remember touring the Bowfin as part of our Cub Scout pack. Den seven, pack 642 in Lake Hills I don’t recall much other than we had to crawl down some ladders

  2. Great that you have even a small memory of the visit. Hopefully other visitors from that tour might reach out and provide more information or even better, a photograph of your Cub Scout pack


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